New? Confused? Lost? Not sure what all the JARGON means? Here is a list of some of the new terms you will hear around the club and what they mean.



If it’s your photo, that’s you silly! You made it, so you’re now officially referred to as a maker. Congrats!



At the Scarborough Camera Club, we have club competitions about four times a year

Judges, who are trained and accredited through the GTCCC (see the section below) come in from two or three other clubs to score all entries

All members are welcome to attend, but you must let the submissions chair know beforehand

This is not a competition against other members, but rather each image is judged solely on its own merit

Each photo receives a comment from the judges about the strength of the photo and/or how the photo can be improved

Gold, silver and honourable mentions are awarded based on the score received for an image. These photos can be submitted for a club year end competition. See the Salon section.

Challenge yourself and go for a personal best!

More information about the rules, submissions guidelines and scoring can be found at http://www.scarboroughcameraclub.com/competition/



This is the night where all photos (prints and digital) are displayed to the club members and scores, awards and comments are announced

This is a great way to improve your photography, as about 100 images will be reviewed and you will hear the judges feedback


Member’s Night

Are you shy? Don’t like the idea of competition? Prefer not to receive feedback? Want to share some personal photos of events in your life not suitable for competition? Then members night is for you

Bring in whatever photos you want to show off. These nights are usually well attended and a large number of people like to participate

It’s a great way to get to know other people in the club and for them to get to know you

Just throw your photos on a USB stick for the submissions chair and voila! Share away.


GTCCC (Pronounced Gee Tee Triple See)

This is the Greater Toronto Council of Camera Clubs. Well, sort of. You see, it really is a council made up of camera clubs throughout southern Ontario. And you wonder why you’re confused?

For more information, their website is https://www.gtccc.ca/

The GTCCC consists of member clubs (including Scarborough Camera Club.) They promote and facilitate various events of common interest throughout the year.

What do they do?

Offer and train the judges that are used by member clubs for their club competitions.

Provide a list of speakers for the clubs to approach for various expertise in area of photography

Offer an inter-club competition between all the member clubs, the Open Challenge, every year (March)

Host an educational day with an awards gala dinner (April)

Offer an educational workshop trip over a weekend in the fall (October)

Participate in an intra-regional competition with our neighbor, the Niagara Frontier Regional Clubs (November)


Open Challenge

This is the GTCCC competition open to all club members. In 2017, over 3,000 images were submitted for competition

Scarborough Camera Club participates and members are encouraged to submit any gold and silvers they have obtained at the club level. The club covers the cost of entry.

You may also submit other photos at an additional cost, up to the maximum allotment per maker

The contact person for the club is the GTCCC representative. Just ask around and we will try and point you in the right direction.

Here’s the guidelines and costs regarding all the categories and such https://www.gtccc.ca/open-challenge/



This is the yearly club competition and where the yearly awards are given

Photos submitted for competition throughout the year can be ‘polished’ by the maker based on the comments by judges and submitted for this year end competition

This is a competition for the top awards based on points awarded throughout the year

The judging is very hush, hush and not open to anyone. So please don’t ask to attend. You can’t.

You could receive a certificate or even a plaque with your name engraved. What are you waiting for? Prep those images!

Usually submitted at the end of April and judged in May



That’s code for grabbing a camera and going somewhere to talk to all the other club members about your shared passion, photography. Of course, a couple of photos might be snapped, before heading off to the nearest watering hole for a great meal together.


Festive Dinner

Another code word meaning our yearly Christmas Celebration when we are trying to be inclusive. Leave the camera at home, it’s not needed. But be prepared to play games, usually very silly ones, where we laugh and have fun together. It’s a different kind of club get-together.


Year End Dinner

Yes, another get together. I mean, anything for a social event! And we promise, no games at this one. We all attend the school and sit and talk and share our summer plans as we wind down from this year’s events. It’s a nice way of saying, have a good summer and see you in September!


Now that’s all the Lingo. At our next meeting, be sure to interject one of these terms and impress us all with your learning.  J


Still not sure about something?

We have a committee chairs for various areas. They sometimes rotate yearly, so if you have a particular question, listed below are the positions. Just ask anyone for the chair name or refer to the contact page at http://www.scarboroughcameraclub.com/contact-us/