The Scarborough Camera Club holds four submissions for competition in various divisions and categories during the club season.  There are two submissions in the fall and two in the spring.  The results of the competition will be given, along with commentary, at the monthly return of submissions meeting.  Please refer to Submission Rules  and the Schedule for submission and return dates.

A salon will be held in May where the names of the winners of the yearly awards will be announced as well as those of the winners of the special salon competition.


The competition is divided into three Divisions defined as follows:

Projected Images:  Digital images that are viewed on a digital device and/or projected onto a screen.

Colour Prints: Photographic images printed in colour according to the Print Submission Rules.

Monochrome Prints (Black and White): Photographic images printed in monochrome (black and white) according to the Print Submission Rules. 


Each division is divided into three to four categories as follows:

Projected Images (Colour or black & White)



Special (Motion Blur and Low Light, Past the Due Date (Death and Urban Decay), Weather, Marco)


Color Prints



Special (Motion Blur and Low Light, Past the Due Date (Death and Urban Decay), Weather, Marco)


Monochrome Prints (Black and White)


Portraiture or Nature

Special (Motion Blur and Low Light, Past the Due Date (Death and Urban Decay), Weather, Marco)


Category Definitions:

  • General: This is sometime referred to as PICTORIAL as the photograph is usually taken for its aesthetic value.

  • Nature: The subject matter of this category is limited to some form of natural history,i.e. BOTANY, WILD LIFE, GEOLOGY, METEOROLOGY.  In the nature category there should be no indication of the influence of man (the hand of man). Images which show the presence of human influence will generally be disqualified. There are some exceptions but the line between acceptance and rejection is very fine.  All nature subjects must be correctly identified either by their full common name, e.g. Monarch Butterfly or by their Latin name (Danaus plexippus). Butterfly alone will not be accepted.

  • Special: The special categories are announced each year. This category gives you the chance to be as creative as you wish. Generally the image should be self-explanatory once the category is announced.  For the 2017-2018 season, there will be a different special category for each judging submission.  For submission #1 the special category will be MOTION BLUR AND LOW LIGHT.  Submission #2 will be PAST THE DUE DATE (DEATH AND URBAN DECAY).  Submission #3 will be WEATHER.  Submission #4 will be MACRO.  

  • Black and White: Any projected image presented in monochrome with no colour.