Entry Rules

Only members in good standing may submit entries for competition.  Once submitted, an image may never again be submitted in a monthly competition. The image is, however, eligible for submission in that year’s salon.

Once submitted as a projected image, a print from that projected image may not be submitted in the same year. Likewise, once a print is submitted, the projected image from which it originated may not be submitted in the same year.


Number of Entries

An exhibitor may enter a maximum of FIVE images in each monthly competition. 

The entries may be spread over all of the CATEGORIES in that DIVISION.  Only a maximum of THREE entries may be made in any single CATEGORY


CLASS: There are two classes of entrants, NOVICE and EXPERIENCED.

Novice:  A novice is an entrant who has not yet achieved an average of twenty points or more on five entries in a particular DIVISION.

A novice may accept assistance at any stage in the preparation of their work. They are encouraged to develop enough experience and skill to work on their own.

NOTE: A member may be classified as EXPERIENCED in one DIVISION while remaining a NOVICE in another.

A member may at any time request to be classified as experienced, but having done so may not revert back to novice.

Experienced: All work entered by an EXPERIENCED exhibitor must be done without assistance.


Form of Submission


The minimum print dimension, excluding matte, is 4” 

The minimum matte dimension is 8” 

The maximum dimension of print including matte is 20”

Projected Images

See Digital Submissions Web Page


 Identification of Submissions

The job of the submissions committee is probably the most time consuming of all of the positions on the executive. In order to make their task run more smoothly it is requested that the identification of all submissions follow the format of the Submission Form exactly.

Prints are subject to viewing as the direction of printing on their back indicates.


The following information is required on prints

Maker’s name

Title of image (Please make an effort to title your work; it makes identification easier at a later date.)


Novice or Experienced: The letter B will designate the NOVICE group.  If you leave this out you will be  judge EXPERIENCED forever more

Month and Year of submission