Guide For Digital Submission

Submission Rules permit a maximum of 3 digital photos per category with a maximum of 5 photos (see Submission Rules) 
Edit your original photo in your photo editing program.
Save it at the maximum resolution your program will allow.  (This is your original photo for backup. Copy it to a backup location.)  
Note: Save jpg files at 95%+ compression to eliminate artifacts.

Creating a Submission Photo
Use the IMAGE SIZE or IMAGE RE SIZE function within your photo editing program to change the PIXELS on the longest side of your photo to 1024 pixels. The alternate side should be automatically adjusted to maintain the same aspect ratio as the original duplicate image.
Check the Resolution or Dpi box and enter 72 if any other number than that exists.
SAVE the resized image on your screen as a jpg file  (FILE - SAVE AS function).
Note: Save jpg files at 95%+ compression to eliminate artifacts.
Name your image according to the following format:    Member #_Category_ Title of Photo.jpg
FILE click on the SAVE option.
The resulting image file should be less than 500K and contain no artifacts.
E-mail Submissions

E-mail your prepared photos for submission as ATTACHMENTS to: 

In the body of the email type or copy the name(s) of each of the attached files. (This list will be used for judges comments.)

If you do not have Internet access, copy your image file to a CD or Memory Card and bring them with you on a submissions night to the club meeting.